Ekonomia i prawo. economics and law

Aim and scope

Ekonomia i Prawo. Economics and Law is a quarterly double-blind peer-reviewed journal published in print and online on an open access basis. The aim of the journal is to create a solid plane of communication between economists and lawyers in the process of influencing the shape of the state’s institutional order. The topics of scientific articles published in the journal focuses on theoretical and empirical research in the following disciplines:

  • Economics (development economics, economic history, financial economics, institutional economics, international economics, labour economics, mathematical economics, monetary economics, non-market economics, public finance, welfare economics);
  • Finances;
  • Law.

Basic informations

p-ISSN: 1898-2255

e-ISSN: 2392-1625

Journal Citation Indicator (JCI): 0.12 (2019); 0.19 (2020)

MEiN points: 70

DOI: 10.12775

Country: Poland

Publisher: Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń

Subscription: series Ekonomia i Prawo; series Ekonomia i Prawo. Economics and Law

Language: English

Journal's character: scientific

Frequency: quarterly (since 2012), yearly (2005–2011)

Current Issue

<br>Volume 21 Issue 4</br><br>December 2022</br>

Volume 21 Issue 4

December 2022