Ekonomia i prawo. economics and law

volume 1 Issue 1 December 2005

<br>Volume 1 Issue 1</br><br>December 2005</br>

Volume 1 Issue 1

December 2005





Michał Gabriel Woźniak

Key Axiological Challenges of Institutional Order in Today's Economy

Jerzy Boehlke

Characteristic of the Stream of Law and Economics in the Modern Economical Thought

Marek Ratajczak

Institutional Economics - Enrichment or Alternative of Mainstream Economics?

Tomasz Gaweł, Mikołaj Klimczak

The Concept of Institution in Law and in Economics

Michał Czwarno

The Rebirth of Liberalism : the Concept of Rule of Law and a Change in the Approach to the Monetary Policy in the Economics of the Late 20th Century

Adam P. Balcerzak

The Institutional System as a Determinant of the Use of the "New Economy's" Potential the Case of Europe and the USA

Joanna Czech-Rogosz

Ordoliberal Concept of Economic Order

Piotr Pysz

Ordoliberal Concept of Institutional Oder in the Economy

Jacek Pietrucha

Institutional Arrangements and Monetary Policy

Ryszard Barczyk

The Influence of Discretionary Instruments of Monetary and Fiscal Policy on Changes of Economic Activity in IS-LM Model

Barbara Polszakiewicz

The Periodisation of a Modern Business Cycle as a Premise for An Effective Stabilization Policy

Tomasz Nieborak

Safety of Money Turnover as a Premise for the Introduction of a Universal Financial Supervision

Rafał Mroczkowski

Supervision as An Institutional Guarantee of Correct Capital Market Performance

Anna Maria Jurkowska

Central Bank and Safety and Stability of the Financial System

Adam Baszyński, Wacław Jarmołowicz

Forming Competitive Structure on Bank Services Market in Poland from 1989 to 2004

Maria Dębniewska, Andrzej Sołoma

The Rating of the Polish Banking System by International Institutions and Reality of Small Business Crediting

Dorota Maśniak

Insurance Guarantee Fund As Warrant of Stability on the Market of Economic Insurance