Ekonomia i prawo. economics and law

volume 11 Issue 4 December 2012

<br>Volume 11 Issue 4</br><br>December 2012</br>

Volume 11 Issue 4

December 2012





Stanisław Rudolf

The role of direct participation in the integration process of social partners in the enterprise

Małgorzata Gasz

The importance of transnational corporations in the world

Sławomir Czetwertyński

Peer production on the Internet as an example of global disintegration of production process

Anna Odrobina

Globalization of R&D and developing countries

Anna Wierzbicka

The conflict between the interests of the joint-stock company and the interests of their shareholders and attempts of preventing them by the principles of corporate governance

Paweł Umiński

Processes occurring in the group of the largest American corporations in years 1955–2011

Maria Kola-Bezka

Legal conditions of entrepreneurship in Poland during global economic crisis

Henryk Jagoda

Association as a legal form of industry business associations

Iwona Salejko-Szyszczak

Methods of resolving conflict in an enterprise and employees integration

Barbara Kryk

Controversies over Polish energy policy in the context of implementing the European Union requirement

Michał Bernard Pietrzak

The use of a spatial switching regression model in the analysis of regional convergence in Poland

Alina Kulczyk-Dynowska

Migration and the metropolis – an example of Lower Silesia


Katarzyna Klimkiewicz

Responsible company in responsible surrounding

Nina Stępnicka

Schumpeter’s concept of creative destruction and the development of enterprises in the region