Ekonomia i prawo. economics and law

volume 12 Issue 1 march 2013

<br>Volume 12 Issue 1</br><br>March 2013</br>

Volume 12 Issue 1

March 2013





Urszula Glińska

How to engage the society in policymaking? The case of national foresight initiatives in Japan

Tadeusz Truskolaski

Creation of cooperation conditions based on triple helix model: the case study of Białystok metropolis

Marcin Szczepański

Conflict and negotiations in the public sphere

Jarosław Zalejski

The role of social consultation in the management of a local government unit: the case study of Wasilków

Katarzyna Czerewacz-Filipowicz

Migration policy as a functional platform of economic integration within the Eurasian Economic Community

Alina Szepelska

Self–employment as means of regions’ entrepreneurship development

Joanna Prystrom

Local and economic government as the determinant of innovation and economic condition: case study of Swedish economy

Elżbieta Skąpska

KSU (national service system) services as basis of regional entrepreneurship

Alina Borowska

Social entrepreneurship condition for the development of the local economy

Mirosław Acewicz

Promotion of the region by foreign investment

Mirosława Laszuk

Cooperation of the customs administration with government administration authorities, local government and economic self-government

Agnieszka Konopelko

Suwalki Special Economic Zone as an example of co-operation of local government and business for regional development


Mirosława Laszuk

Impact of Poland accession to the euro zone on the trade policy with the European Union countries and with third country

Wacław Stankiewicz

Another success for game theory: Nobel laureates in economic sciences in 2012