Ekonomia i prawo. economics and law

volume 12 Issue 2 june 2013

<br>Volume 12 Issue 2</br><br>June 2013</br>

Volume 12 Issue 2

June 2013





Mateusz Błachucki

Development and goals of competition law

Magdalena Śliwińska

Protection of competition in the contemporary global economy as a challenge for the competition theory

Michał Moszyński

Problems of competition theory and policy in the ordoliberal thought

Katarzyna Kamińska

Impact of the ordoliberal theory on the development of competition policy in Germany and the European Union

Anna Moszyńska

Institutional framework of competition protection in Poland – history and present

Karol Pachnik

The importance of responsibility for using fraudulent market's actions

Alicja Brodzka

International cooperation in good tax governance

Anna Hnatyszyn-Dzikowska

Competition among payers in health care. Theoretical approach

Aleksandra Czerw, Urszula Religioni

The implementation of a quality management system in a building of a competitive advantage by medical entities

Marcin Brol, Sławomir Czetwertyński

Pressure groups in network society

Marcin Brol, Sławomir Czetwertyński

Shaping preferences of market entities in the age of digitalization