Ekonomia i prawo. economics and law

volume 12 Issue 4 december 2013

<br>Volume 12 Issue 4</br><br>December 2013</br>

Volume 12 Issue 4

December 2013





Agata Adamska

Corporate governance as an area of regulatory arbitrage

Agata Lulewicz-Sas

Corporate social responsibility in selected EU countries

Bożena Borkowska

State regulation of the markets. The conditions and effects of cigarette market regulation in Poland

Jarosław Kilon

Foreign trade in the convergence process – research methodology of trading companies in the Podlaskie region

Monika Walicka

Foreign trade of small and medium enterprises under convergence process

Monika Walicka

Consequences of access to euro zone from entrepreneurs' attitude

Wioletta Czemiel-Grzybowska

Trajectory of enterprise export development

Wioletta Czemiel-Grzybowska, Monika Walicka

R&D activity, innovativeness and enterprise exporting