Ekonomia i prawo. economics and law

volume 16 Issue 1 march 2017

<br>Volume 16 Issue 1</br><br>March 2017</br>

Volume 16 Issue 1

March 2017





Dobrosława Antonów

Influence of stamp duty on undertaking and running economic activity

Jadwiga Gorączkowska

Technical advancement and the stimulation of companies innovation activity by business support organisations in developed regions

Łukasz Jasiński

Possibilities of use of the noble metals market in the life insurance

Marcin Kilanowski

Deep capture: the hidden role of rationalizations, psychology, and corporate law

Emilia Klepczarek

The importance of the board of directors. Lessons from Lehman's failure

Marta Łakomy-Zinowik

Public-private partnership as an alternative source of financing of public tasks

Dariusz Malinowski

Barriers to expansive fiscal policy against the background of the macroeconomic situation of the euro area

Magdalena Wojarska, Renata Marks-Bielska, Wiesława Lizińska, Karolina Babuchowska

Social service provision as determinant of institutional efficiency of local self-governments