Ekonomia i prawo. economics and law

volume 16 Issue 3 September 2017

<br>Volume 16 Issue 3</br><br>September 2017</br>

Volume 16 Issue 3

September 2017





Ewa Badzińska

Assessing the concept of innovative business model with regard to IT enterprise

Kornelia Batko

Relation between dynamic analytical capabilities and competitive advantage: theoretical approach

Joanna Bednarz, Magdalena Markiewicz, Agnieszka Płoska

The determinants and development of crowdfunding in the Central and Eastern Europe countries

Mirosaw Bochenek

The topicality of David Ricardo’s thought (on the bicentenary of the publication ‘On the Principles of Political Economy, and Taxation’)

Jakub Gołaś

Non-employee atypical forms of employment in Poland: sociological and legal perspectives

Bogna Janik

Value-based banking in Central and Eastern Europe countries: ecological point of view

Marzanna Poniatowicz

Transaction costs in the context of the requirements of effective finance management for local government units

Violetta Skrodzka

Tax neutrality at leasing or rural farms