Ekonomia i prawo. economics and law

volume 17 Issue 2 June 2018

<br>Volume 17 Issue 2</br><br>June 2018</br>

Volume 17 Issue 2

June 2018





Niki Derlukiewicz, Anna Mempel-Śnieżyk

European cities in the face of sustainable development

Robert Huterski, Agnieszka Huterska, Michał Polasik

Payment account with basic features and its significance in the reduction of financial exclusion in Poland

Kamil Kotliński

The economic consequences of leaving European Union by Great Britain

Monika Paradowska

Rivalry and excludability as characteristics of tools aimed at making cycling in cities more attractive

Jerzy Paszkowski

Methodological problems with evaluating change efficiency

Adam Przybyłowski

Sustainable urban mobility planning: Gdynia city case study

Agnieszka Rzepka, Andrzej J. Olak

Innovation as an immanent attribute of an agile enterprise

Marcin Sitek

The risk involved in implementation of innovations in the real estate market

Ewa Stroińska, Justyna Trippner-Hrabi

Knowledge management models as a source of employee and organization’s efficiency