Ekonomia i prawo. economics and law

volume 17 Issue 3 September 2018

<br>Volume 17 Issue 3</br><br>September 2018</br>

Volume 17 Issue 3

September 2018





Agnieszka Furmańska-Maruszak, Katarzyna Kamińska

Institutional and legal approach to eldercare versus sustainable work concept in selected European Union countries

Anna Horodecka, Liudmyla Vozna

Wage inequality and macroeconomic stability: a synergetic approach

Marek Piosik

Mainstreams of research on institutional change in the multidimensional viewpoint

Magdalena Popowska, Beata Ratkowska

Doing well by doing good — CSR in a global context

Helena Tendera-Właszczuk

Study on the Brexit’s background and causes

Magdalena Zajączkowska

The Energy Union and European Union energy security

Mariusz Zieliński

Effect of the economic situation on employment and its structure in the Central and Eastern European countries

Jarosław Ziętarski

Legal destructive entrepreneurship in the modern economy