Ekonomia i prawo. economics and law

volume 18 Issue 1 March 2019

<br>Volume 18 Issue 1</br><br>March 2019</br>

Volume 18 Issue 1

March 2019





Wojciech Giza

The institutional dimension of market failure

Małgorzata Godlewska

Do interactions between formal and informal institutions matter for productive entrepreneurship?

Alina Klonowska

Barriers for effectiveness of fiscal policy: the case of Poland

Łukasz Wiktor Olejnik

Do coalition councillors grow rich faster? Quantitative analysis of asset declarations

Izabela Ostoj

On the validity of the division into formal and informal institutions

Bartosz Stelter

The management approach of the new institutional economics

Marcin Wiśniewski, Jakub Zieliński

Green bonds as an innovative sovereign financial instrument

Anna Ząbkowicz

Pension funds in Chile: bringing the state back in

Book review

Constantin Bratianu

Book review: Dima, A.M. (Ed.). (2018). Doing business in Europe: economic integration processes, policies, and the business environment