Ekonomia i prawo. economics and law

volume 18 Issue 4 December 2019

<br>Volume 18 Issue 4</br><br>December 2019</br>

Volume 18 Issue 4

December 2019





Sylwester Bejger

Wholesale fuel price adjustment in Poland: examination of competitive performance

Agnieszka Czajkowska

The role of financing innovative technological investments with credit for technological innovations

Ryta Dziemianowicz

Tax policy in OECD countries in 2007–2016: trends and challenges

Małgorzata Kędzior-Laskowska

Economic attributes of quality and competitiveness on the market of road freight transport services

Marcin Kilanowski

Human rights should be our business

Adam Lulek

Information on environmental protection and annual reports of oil companies

Beata Sadowska

Knowledge in economic terms: significance of information in a modern company

Katarzyna Szara

Technology as a stimulus for the development of creative capital at the local level on the example of municipalities of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship

Bartosz Totleben, Katarzyna Szarzec, Andreas Kardziejonek

Rent-seeking by politicians in state-owned enterprises

Katarzyna Twarowska

Reforms of China’s exchange rate regime and the renminbi internationalization