Ekonomia i prawo. economics and law

volume 19 Issue 2 June 2020

<br>Volume 19 Issue 2</br><br>June 2020</br>

Volume 19 Issue 2

June 2020





Monika Chłąd

Analysis of stakeholders’ knowledge and attitude towards socially responsible entities

Adam Dymitrowski

Investigations on business model innovation and company’s development

Leszek Dziawgo

Political risk on Polish capital market

Robert Huterski, Evgeniya Kaz

Corporate Social Responsibility indices for shares listed on the Warsaw and Moscow stock exchanges: design limitations of information value for socially responsible investors

Małgorzata Jaworek, Włodzimierz Karaszewski, Magdalena Kuczmarska

Pandemic risk: doesn’t it really matter?Foreign direct investment after COVID-19

Patrycja Kokot-Stępień, Patrycja Krawczyk

The impact of public support on innovative activity of enterprises

Kamil Kotliński

Contributions to inflation after euro adoption: the case of Central and Eastern European countries

Dariusz Piotrowski

Trust in the banking sector in Poland in comparison to global trends

Elżbieta Szulc

Spatio-temporal modelling of economic phenomena in the context of reducing the dimensions of the random field

Łukasz Topolewski

The impact of income inequalities on economic growth

Adam Wiśniewski

Competitiveness of sports market enterprises: determinants, classification, challenges

Ewa Zdunek-Rosa, Agnieszka Huterska, Justyna Łapińska, Robert Huterski

Assessment of the company’s financial condition using a synthetic measure based on the example of a confectionery company

Mariusz Zieliński

The impact of the unemployment level on non-standard employment forms in the Visegrad Group countries