Ekonomia i prawo. economics and law

volume 19 Issue 4 December 2020

<br>Volume 19 Issue 4</br><br>December 2020</br>

Volume 19 Issue 4

December 2020





Agnieszka Butor-Keler, Michał Polasik

The role of regulatory sandboxes in the development of innovations on the financial services market: the case of the United Kingdom

Mariusz Czupich

Inclusion in the implementation of public policy: the Polish experience

Grzegorz Głód

The competitiveness of a public hospital in Poland in the light of changing regulations in the health care sector

Michał Jachowicz, Michał Kobylarz, Piotr Podsiadło

The statutory prohibition of advertising of the pharmacy and its activity: legal and economic approach

Adam Karbowski

Schumpeterian hypothesis revisited: on market structure and firms’ R&D

Paweł R. Kozubek

An ex-post analysis of selected road investments in the Świętokrzyskie region in 2007–2016

Damian Łazarczyk

The role of costs’ knowledge in the contemporary enterprises

Joanna Michalak

Does pre-processing affect the correlation indicator between Twitter message volume and stock market trading volume?

Grażyna Michalczuk, Urszula Konarzewska

Socially responsible investing in the European Union’s capital markets

Aleksandra Pleśniarska

Knowledge flows in contemporary economies: expectations and the European Union results

Agnieszka Szulc-Obłoza

Wage regulations and shadow economy in 28 European Countries

Jacek Witkowski

Legal forms of nature protection in local spatial planning: selected problems on the example of communes in Poland

Bogusława Ziółkowska

Managers’ decisions and strategic actions of enterprises in Poland in the face of digital transformation