Ekonomia i prawo. economics and law

volume 2 Issue 1 December 2006

<br>Volume 2 Issue 1</br><br>December 2006</br>

Volume 2 Issue 1

December 2006





Gabriela Przesławska

The Economic Role of the State in the New Political Economy

Tomasz Kozłowski

Investor Protection and Financial Systems Structure

Rafał M. Jakubowski

Economic Effectiveness in Terms of the Economic Theory of Property Rights – Selected Issues

Elżbieta Mączyńska

Social Market Economy: A Pleonasm or Useful Concept?

Arkadiusz Graczyk

The Consumer in the Theory and the Economic Practice: Economics – Psychology – Law

Grażyna Bukowska

The Influence of Co-Ordination on Labour Market on the Effectiveness of an Economic Model

Agata Kubiczek

Institutional Conditioning of Changes on the Labour Market

Krzysztof Nowakowski

Corruption and Institutions in the Economy

Krzysztof Kietliński

The Moral Evaluation of Percentages, Interests and Usuary in the Finance Activities


Wiesław Szczęsny

Is Wagner Law Still Valid?

Janusz Paczocha, Wojciech Rogowski

Legal Limitations to the Freedom of Economic Activity in Poland in 1989–2003

Magdalena Musielak

Tendencies in the Monetary Policy at the Turn of the 20th Century

Wiesława Przybylska-Kapuścińska

Assessment of the Realization of National Bank of Poland’s Monetary Policy

Magdalena Cendal

The Influence of the Instruments of Monetary Policy of the National Bank of Poland on The Level and Variability of Short-Term Rates of Interest

Przemysław Panfil

The Independence of Central Banks in the Candidate States for the European Union Membership

Andrzej Sołoma

Usury in the Light of Present-Day Legal Regulations in Poland and in Selected Countries with Market Orientation

Michał Buszko

Legal and Institutional Conditioning of the Development of Securitisation Liabilities in Poland

Elżbieta Gruszczyńska-Bożbar

Institutional Conditioning of the Development of Capital Market in Poland

Ewa Zysnarska

The Importance of Ecological Funds for the Safety of Investment in Environmental Protection

Agnieszka Szczepkowska-Flis

Investment Climate: – Indispensable and Sufficient Factors Determining the Inflow of Direct Foreign Investments to Poland

Ryszard Stefański

The Influence of Foreign Exchange Rate on the Dynamics of Polish Goods Exchange with Main Commercial Partners

Kinga Chalecka

Changes in the Activity of Energy Sector in Poland

Marian Zalesko

Institutions and Effectiveness of Farming Activity

Krystyna Nizioł

The Model of the Socioeconomic System as Defined by the Principles of the Republic of Poland’s Constitution and other Countries’ Constitutions

Bożena Borkowska

A Transactional Cost Approach to the Natural Monopoly Regulation

Michał Moszyński

Temporary Agency Work in the Light of the Transaction Cost Theory

Jolanta Szapiel

Institutional Transformations in the Informational Sphere of Capital Market and the Effectiveness of Remunerating Managers in Stock Exchange Companies

Artur Rzepka

The Role of the Polish Individual Investors Association in the Solving of Conflict of Interest in Public Listed Companies

Anna Golec

The European Company as A Stage in the Harmonisation of Selected Institutional Solutions in Activity of International Companies in the European Union

Janusz Heller, Marzena Andrzejkiewicz

Institutional Adjustment to the European Union Membership

 Wojciech B. Sobieszak

The Security of Trading Transactions as Exemplified by Cereal Partners Poland Toruń-Pacific Sp. z o.o.

Barbara Jakubiszak, Janusz Niedźwiecki

Apator S.A. – Safety of Economic Turnover