Ekonomia i prawo. economics and law

volume 20 Issue 1 March 2021

<br>Volume 20 Issue 1</br><br>March 2021</br>

Volume 20 Issue 1

March 2021





Mirosław Bochenek

Views of Joseph E. Stiglitz on the role and scope of the state’s influence on the economy against the background of previous views

Mateusz Borkowski

The quality of formal institutional subsystems of OECD countries

Ivanna Chaikovska

An assessment of bank safety of the Polish listed banks based on the integrated index for bank safety: empirical study

Magdalena Cyrek

Sectoral structure of employment and economic cohesion in the EU regions

Michał Dziadkiewicz

Non-financial goals of municipal Social Housing Associations in managing the communal housing system

Jarosław Dziuba, Elżbieta Życzkowska

The importance of municipal tax policy in shaping forest tax revenues in Poland

Mariana Cristina Ganescu, Cristina Maria Serbanica

Regional innovation performance and structural conditions in Central and Eastern Europe: embracing the broad-based innovation concept

Barbara Kryk

Generations on the Polish labor market in the context of competences needed in the economy based on knowledge and 4.0

Andrzej Lis, Kreshnik Bello, Joanna Górka

Albania as an object and a context of research in economic sciences: bibliometric analysis

Anna Nowacka, Mariola Szewczyk-Jarocka, Izabela Zawiślińska

Socio-demographic determinants of financial exclusion of the unemployed on the local labour market: a case study

Ewa Ślęzak, Mariola Mamcarczyk

Globalisation and gender aspects of professional sport: the case of Poland

Katarzyna Woźniak

Indexes of migration policy restrictiveness: concept, methodology and application