Ekonomia i prawo. economics and law

volume 21 Issue 2 June 2022

<br>Volume 21 Issue 2</br><br>June 2022</br>

Volume 21 Issue 2

June 2022





Anna Budzyńska, Mirosław Urbanek

Forecasting the directions of the EU sugar market development after limiting government intervention

Sławomir Czech

The puzzle of post-pandemic recovery, transatlantic relations and European solidarity

Ireneusz Drabik

The impact of international macro environment factors on the internationalization of Polish enterprises

Grzegorz Drozdowski

The empirical analysis of human capital competences on the example of company executives

Iwona Foryś

Flat location and size as a determinant of homeownership duration

Grzegorz Głód, Maciej Langer

Legal and economic determinants of restructuring processes in health care entities in Poland

Tadeusz A. Grzeszczyk

Methodological foundations of assessing research impact in business and management

Sebastian Jakubowski

How Employee Capital Plans qualify under the IORP II Directive

Zofia M. Karczewska, Ewelina Mielech

Principle of financial adequacy of local self-government units vs. local self-government healthcare expenditures

Marcin Kępa

Central ICT system SL2014: the way to reduce the transaction costs of European projects

Katarzyna Mamcarz

Gold market and selected Nordic stock markets: Granger causality

Jolanta Pakulska

Air pollutants and outlays vs quality of life in Poland and the welfare economics

 Małgorzata Solarz, Jacek Adamek

Determinants of digital financial exclusion as a barrier to the adoption of mobile banking services in Poland