Ekonomia i prawo. economics and law

volume 3 Issue 1 December 2007

<br>Volume 3 Issue 1</br><br>December 2007</br>

Volume 3 Issue 1

December 2007





Bożena Klimczak

The Model of an Economic Man and its Explanation in Economics

Urszula Zagóra-Jonszta

Ownership as Perceived in Selected Directions of Economic Thought

Marian Zalesko

Problems of Ownership in Economics

Jerzy Boehlke

Ownership in the Light of the Economic Analysis of Law

Krystyna Nizioł

Ownership in the Polish Legal System

Krzysztof Nowakowski

Ownership and Negative Social Capital

Michał Moszyński

Ownership and the Economic Development of China

Mikołaj Klimczak, Tomasz Gaweł

Ownership in Law and Economics – the Case of the “Snow Law”

Rafał M. Jakubowski, Paweł Kuśmierczyk

Production of Public Goods and the „Free-Riding” Problem

Wacław Jarmołowicz, Marian Kościński

“A New Symbiosis” in Exercising the Roles of a Manager and of an Owner

Tomasz Nieborak

Self-Regulation and the Role of the State in the Sphere of Regulation of the Financial Market

Anna Hnatyszyn-Dzikowska

The Supranational and the State Level of Regulation of Macroeconomic Stabilisation Policy in the Conditions of Economic Integration

Adam P. Balcerzak

The Analysis of the Extent of Operational State Control of the Economy in the European Union Countries

Hanna Morawska

Supervision of the Derivative Instruments Market in Selected CEE Countries

Andrzej Sławiński

The Risk of Losing Control of Real Interest Rate Level in the Currency Board Regime

Barbara Polszakiewicz

An Inconsistent Quadrangle of System-Solutions in the Polish Stabilisation Policy

Wiesława Przybylska-Kapuścińska

The National Bank of Poland’s Influence on the Control of the Liquidity Situation of the Banking Sector at a Time of Low Inflation

Urszula Ziarko-Siwek

Legal Changes on the Public Market and Their Possible Influence on the Stock-Exchange Market Development