Ekonomia i prawo. economics and law

volume 5 Issue 1 december 2009

<br>Volume 5 Issue 1</br><br>December 2009</br>

Volume 5 Issue 1

December 2009





Katarzyna Kamińska

The ethical dimension of economics in the Ordoliberal theory

Jan K Solarz

The responsibility of the state for financial markets

Michał Moszyński

The quality of information on the financial market in the context of the financial crisis

Elżbieta Gruszczyńska-Brożbar

The functioning the global stock exchanges in the face of the global financial recession

Krzysztof Szlichciński

Wagner’s  law  after  more  than  century  –  increase  or  decrease  of  public expenditure stipulates economic growth?

Adam P Balcerzak

The operational economic activity of governments in the realities of the new global economy

Barbara Polszakiewicz

Poland’s business cycle in the context of the world cycle

Ewa Szymanik

The competitiveness of foreign trade and the principles of social economy – the example of Poland

Dorota Zbierzchowska

The exchange rate control – Hungarian experiences

Sylwester Bejger

Market failure – collusion of players. Detection methods in the light of the competition policy

Izabela Ostoj

Alternative mechanisms of labour market regulations

Arkadiusz Graczyk

Retirement savings from the behavioural perspective

Piotr Jeżowski

Market failure in the municipal economy

Krystyna Nizioł

The fulfillment by Poland of convergence criteria with regard to public debt and public deficit (selected legal and economic aspects)

Rafał Stankiewicz

Economic freedom in the context of the interference of the state in processes of the concentration of entrepreneurs

Mikołaj Klimczak

The system of higher education in Poland during the transition

Kinga Chalecka

The realities of the introduction of Energy Performance Certificates for buildings and flats in Poland