Ekonomia i prawo. economics and law

volume 6 Issue 1 december 2010

<br>Volume 6 Issue 1</br><br>December 2010</br>

Volume 6 Issue 1

December 2010





Bożena Klimczak

Professional ethics – how does it work?

Ryszard Wiśniewski

The moral space of labor and professional Ethics

Małgorzata Madrak-Grochowska

Corporate Social Responsibility – between altruism and selfishness of companies

Karol Fjałkowski

Market and government failures in historical institutional analysis by Douglass C North and Avner Greif

Mirosław Bochenek

Bruno S Frey and Joseph E Stiglitz about government failure and market failure

Joanna Dzionek-Kozłowska

Market versus government in the light of the discussion about path dependence

Adam Baszyński, Sławomira Kańduła

Self-government tasks in the light of market and government failure conception

Bożena Borkowska

Political system in democracies and government failure

Irena Rumianowska

Ecological regulations and interest groups in protection of natural environment

Paweł Marszałek

Currency competition and its consequences

Tomasz Kozłowski

The financial accelerator as an idea of a mechanism of external economic disturbances amplification

Janina Godłów-Legiędź

Failure of the market, state and economics from the perspective of the financial crisis

Michał Jurek

The concept of international money under the circumstances of the global financial crisis

Janusz Kudła

New financial instruments and the transparency of market information

Marcin Brol

Public regulations in the age of economic Crisis

Adam P. Balcerzak

The influence of information failure of the monetary authorities on the effectiveness of counter-cyclical stabilization policy

Wiesława Przybylska-Kapuścińska

NBP towards crisis on financial markets

Ilona Pietryka

The adjustment of instruments of the National Bank of Poland to the standards of the Eurosystem – open market operations

Dawid Piątek

The quality of governance in transition countries

Tomasz Nieborak

Conception of the “Better regulation” – principles and instruments of realisation in the European Union

Wacław Jarmołowicz, Katarzyna Szarzec

Liberalism versus interventionism to the labour market The case of Poland as a transition country

Magdalena Rękas

Implementation of the flexicurity model in Poland as a response to modern labour market challenges

Adam P Balcerzak, Elżbieta Rogalska

The institutional conditions of entrepreneurship development in Central European countries

Krzysztof Nowakowski

Corruption in the private sector

Agata Kubiczek

Informal economy as an expression of the state failure

Mateusz Błachucki

The economic basis of state aid law

Maciej Ryczkowski

The influence of the level of freedom on the degree of market failures in selected countries – the problem of poverty

Małgorzata Gasz

Directions in process of state aid in Poland compared to European Unity solutions

Paweł Umiński

Increase in the American society income inequalities and the United States tax policy in 1975–2008

Rafał Jakubowski

Government failures in solving the tragedy of the commons – the example of EU common fisheries policy


Anna Falkowska

Rules of ethics for legal advisers

Andrzej Anszperger

Occupational ethics in tourism

Jerzy Boehlke, Olgierd Dubowik, Barbara Jakubiszek, Janina Karaszewska-Zandrowicz, Agnieszka Głowacka, Witalis Korecki

Case Studies : an Enterprise Perspective