Ekonomia i prawo. economics and law

volume 7 Issue 1 december 2011

<br>Volume 7 Issue 1</br><br>December 2011</br>

Volume 7 Issue 1

December 2011





Adam P. Balcerzak

Institutional integration in the European Union. Suggestion for measurement

Alicja Brodzka

The future of common EU tax policy

Ewa Gruszewska

Disintegration in an institutionalized world

Agata Adamska

Tendencies in the world’s corporate governance systems

Marcin Brol

Current problems of North African Countries as Regards to Public Sector Performance

Tomasz Copp

International arbitration in the PRC as a result of global economic integration

Anna Mokrzysz-Olszyńska

Unfairness doctrine and the economic approach to consumer protection in the practice of the Federal Trade Commission in the U.S.

Marta Woźniak

Sustainable development as a strategy to define modern land development planning (legal aspects)

Piotr Stanisławiszyn

Appointment and removal of the President of the National Bank of Poland in the Polish Constitution and Law on the National Bank of Poland

Mikołaj Turzyński

Integration of business ethics and professional ethics auditor: dimensions of juridisation and codification

Wacław Jarmołowicz, Beata Woźniak-Jęchorek

Institutional unemployment in theory and practice

Marcin Jamroży

Tax management in cross-border mergers

Małgorzata Madrak-Grochowska

Spin-off and spin-out businesses as a platform for the integration of science and business

Nina Stępnicka

The process of integration of traditional companies and Internet companies in the context of offshoring and outsourcing activities in Poland, and worldwide

Aleksandra Szarek

International cooperation between organizations conducting independent comparative product tests

Michał Moszyński

The unification of Germany – two decades of convergence

Anna Falkowska

Restitution, compensation, or investment? – Reprivatisation of German Democratic Republic property

Magdalena Fedorowicz

Regulation of financial market supervision in the EU – integration or disintegration of the legal anti-crisis instruments

Andrzej Michór

Administrative and legal forms of interference by the European Regulators in the financial market of the European Union

Anna Zalcewicz

European payments market integration process – regulation challenges

Krystyna Nizioł

The basic assumptions of the reform of European financial law aimed at limiting the growth of public debt and deficit

Wawrzyniec Michalczyk

The public finance equilibrium and the process of European monetary integration at a time of global crisis

Paweł Folfas, Magdalena Słok-Wódkowska

European common currency outside the euro zone and fixed exchange rates vs. euro: economic and legal aspects

Adam Baszyński

Mergers and acquisitions in the banking sector and the competitive structure of the banking services market in Poland since 2004


Mirosław Bochenek

Józef Maria Hoene-Wroński’s concept of “the European Federation”

Piotr Panek

Experiences of international labour emigration as exemplified by the students of Wrocław University of Economics