Ekonomia i prawo. economics and law

volume 8 Issue 1 march 2012

<br>Volume 8 Issue 1</br><br>March 2012</br>

Volume 8 Issue 1

March 2012





Marcin Kalinowski

Decentralization of political structure from the point of view of New Political Economy

Tomasz Nieborak

Behavioral Law & Economics

Jolanta Szapiel

The state in the conditions of economic globalization

Anna Hnatyszyn-Dzikowska, Sławomir Zwierzchlewski

The stabilizing function of the state in the conditions of international economic integration: an historical outline

Sabina Zaremba-Warnke

Consumerism vs. integration and disintegration processes

Irena Rumianowska

Ecological conflicts and collective actions in the area of using and protecting the natural environment

Mikołaj Klimczak

Regulation of vertical integration of enterprises – between economic theory and the practice of law

Anna Moszyńska, Michał Moszyński

Reprivatization and the conflict of economic interests of individuals and the state – Poland compared to other countries in transition

Mateusz Błachucki

Internationalization of merger control

Rafał Stankiewicz

Between protection of competition and sector regulation. Political borders of separating areas of state interference in the market

Błażej Kuźniacki

Introduction to the problems of taxation of “controlled foreign companies”

Aleksandra Czerw

An Electronic Platform for Gathering, Analysis and Distribution of Digital Resources on Medical Events in the light of the Law on the Information System in Healthcare

Renata Śliwa

Separation of the telecommunications operator as a tool for market regulation. The case of the telecommunications sector in Poland