Ekonomia i prawo. economics and law

structure of the article and literature preparation

  • Submitted articles should be of a scientific nature and present the results of original research of an empirical, theoretical or analytical character.
  • The article should present the current state of knowledge, the methodology of research, the research process and the results of research with references.
  • Detailed guidelines and recommendations on the scientific article structure and the order of article parts, according to which authors should prepare the article is available in template with editorial standards available in downloads.
  • Citations and references should be prepared in the APA style. Detailed information on text citations and references preparation are available in template with editorial standards available in downloads.

Criteria for selecting scientific articles for publication

  • Publication fees are payable for articles before acceptance.
  • Scientific article should be relevant to journal profile specified in section journal profile.
  • Scientific article should meet an editorial standards scarified in template with editorial standards available in downloads.
  • Scientific article should meet an ethical standards listed below by signing author’s declaration available in downloads.
  • Two positive reviews by external reviewers determine acceptance of an article for publication, and two negative ones determine rejection.
  • Submitting a revised version of scientific article and a written response to the reviewers’ comments by using form for review's response available in downloads within the time specified by the editorial board.

Ethical standards

  • Submitted scientific article should have an original nature, they have not been published and are not being considered publication elsewhere.
  • Affiliation and each co-author’s contributions in the creation of a scientific article should be disclosed (ghostwriting and guest authorship barrier).
  • Sources of funding research presented at a scientific article or the source of its creation should be disclosed by indicating information about the contribution of scientific research institutions, associations and other entities (financial disclosure).
  • In order to meet the ethical standards, authors are required to sing author’s declaration available in downloads and disclose of their affiliations and possible sources of funding by filling in the appropriate position in the template with editorial standards available in downloads (section Acknowledgements).
  • Authors who supply the manuscript is responsible for provided information.
  • All detected cases of ghostwriting and guest authorship will be exposed, including notifying the appropriate entities (institutions employing the authors, science societies and associations, etc.).
  • According to Ministry of Science and Higher Education ( www.nauka.gov.pl ):
    • ghostwriting takes place when someone has made a substantial contribution to publication, without revealing his participation as one of the authors, or without being mentioned in the acknowledgements enclosed to the publication;
    • guest authorship (honorary authorship) takes place when the authors contribution is insignificant, despite of declaration.