Economic theory is, and should be, always on the move: there are many well-known phenomena we cannot explain satisfactorily — and there are no doubt many more unknown economic phenomena waiting to be discovered.
George J. Stigler

Journal "Ekonomia i Prawo. Economics and Law" is affiliated by the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun. It has been published since 2005 at first on an annual basis and since 2012 it is issued four times a year. The dominant area of ​​science that describes the journal are the social sciences. The topics of papers published in the "Ekonomia i Prawo. Economics and Law" focuses on theoretical and empirical research in the economics and law disciplines. The journal "Ekonomia i Prawo. Economics and Law" is issued in print (as the original version) and in electronic version.

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The creation of the journal "Ekonomia i Prawo. Economics and Law" is a result of increasing awareness of undervaluing, or even neglecting, the importance of institutional solutions for the effectiveness of the Polish economy, and more broadly, the level of social welfare. Poland, as an example, proves that creation of a market economy, without it being supported by an institutional infrastructure, entails many disadvantageous results such as:

  • neglect of a state of law,

  • inefficiency of social controls mechanisms,

  • progressing decrease of Polish parliamentary system prestige,

  • lack of methods of solving conflicts ex ante,

  • a faulty structure of public finances,

  • lack of control over a considerable part of public resources,

  • unclear mechanism of reaching regulations on particular markets,

  • lack of clearly defined developmental strategy,

If, in such circumstances, the state undertakes intervention in the market ineffectiveness, it may be only increased. The journal indicator’s efforts aim at making the chance real by creating a solid plane of communication between economists and lawyers in the process of influencing the shape of the state’s institutional order.

Professor Barbara Polszakiewicz

Basic informations

p-ISSN 1898-2255
e-ISSN 2392-1625
MNiSW points 12
DOI 10.12775
Country Polska
Publisher Uniwersytet Mikołaja Kopernika

Series "Ekonomia i Prawo"

Series "Ekonomia i Prawo. Economics and Law"

Language English
Journal's character scientific
Frequency quarterly
Rate of rejection 16% (2013), 23% (2014), 18% (2015)

Current Issue

Volume 16 Issue 2 June 2017


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